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Jake reflects on the life and times of his best friend, Sir Rockin’ Rodney Speed. Jake tells the story of how they meet and fell in love, and recounts plenty of their bizarre adventures. This episode also compiles the complete collection of Rodney’s Corner segments from the podcast, Jake’s eulogy for Rodney, and live set of the Rodney Speed Experience live from the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

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Jake and Mishka sit and talk about his amazing run of Kindle Single successes, the agony and ecstasy of long runs, their shared obsession with rock n roll and how many graduate degrees it takes to change a lightbulb.

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Jake sits with HIMSELF and talks about completing the ORIGINAL MARATHON in Athens, Greece this past Sunday, attending his first Opera in Budapest, his pilgrimage to Slovakia to confront his long-held fears of Eastern Europe since being traumatized by the film Hostel, why his mother aka SzufMama is his favorite traveling companion, and how a Positive Mental Attitude can get you through just about ANYTHING.

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Jake and Tommy sit and talk about the T-Shirt business, how Tommy built his silk-screening empire Underground Press, his quest to get the signatures of all 5 original members of Guns n' Roses tattooed on his arm and the resulting forthcoming film "Where's Izzy" and why Jake's mom thinks his name should be Tommy T-Shirt!

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Jake sits with Mike johnso, one fo the world's top Pro Wrstling reporters, to talk about their shared love of wrestling,Mike's start in the entertainment business, how he ended up getting paid to do what he loves, and of course the Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival!

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Jake sits with Luke to talk about tattoos, fashion, the Lost Art of the Gentlemen, Hard Work, Self Made, Dues Paid, BeeKeeping, and the mean streets of Oceanside, CA.

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Jake and Silky Sammy sit and talk about Sam's longitme tenure as bassist for Dick Dale, Agent Orange and Donovan Frankenreiter.  And Sam explains just how much he hates the nickname Silky.

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Jake and Chris sit and talk about the finer points of NYC,Rock n Roll, crowd funding for rock albums, Mariachis, and generally how amazing of a person that Chris is! This is the legendary "lost episode" Finally found for your listening pleasure.

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Jake sits down all by himself and celebrates the podcast turning 18 by going guest-less and discussing what happens when you fall in love with a girl who is running off to Botswana to join the Peace Corps, how to make the most of the time you've got, interior decoratiung, Tragedy, the art of self-reinvention and reflections on turning 40!

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17. Get Your Rocks Off With Jon Braun

Jake and John sit and talk about accidentally starting successful touring tribute bands and the outstanding audience recations yet lack of repsect they garner.  Also the joys of re-scoring and vastly improving the classic film Point Break, and comparing and contrasting the great Frank Zappa and Bob moog!

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